Healthcare Recruitment - On Life Support (Part 3 of 3)

Progressive Healthcare Organizations Best-Practices

We have been on a journey with one another as I have unpacked supply and demand challenges (Part 1) and discussed costs and other trends associated with hiring in the healthcare industry (Part 2).  In this 3rd part of the series, we will discover what some of the most progressive healthcare organizations are doing to try to address the talent needs within the industry.

According to “Managing the Talent Staffing Gap in Health Care Staffing”, the most progressive healthcare organizations are creating a staffing and a succession plan to address their the impending talent crisis. The biggest recruiting challenge is planning for the unknown. 

Other hot recruiting market trends are:

  • The use of a digital marketing strategies, including social media
  • Implementing a candidate tracking program
  • And, applying mobile apply strategies 

“The New Rules of Healthcare Recruiting” white paper by Robyne Wilcox reported a 19.4% rise in the use of social media in the recruitment of healthcare professionals.

  • Almost all healthcare employers reported the use of LinkedIn
  • 28% of those employers reported the use of Facebook

Direct recruiting of passive candidates is extremely important to an effective long term recruitment strategy. Often times, employers do not possess the staff, the skills or the technology to enable this sourcing approach.

Progressive organizations are also recognizing employment brand as being mission critical. They are focusing their messaging on organizational culture with pay, paid time off and retirement benefits not far behind. They are also looking for ways to build work life balance into each open role. This is the new price of attracting and retaining talent. 

Healthcare employers also continue to use online job boards as part of their candidate sourcing strategy. The top healthcare job boards according to HealtheCareers are:

  1. HealtheCareers
  2. Indeed
  3. Craigslist
  4. CareerBuilder
  5. CareerMD

The most important factors in selecting the right job board are…quality, cost & volume.

Given the talent shortage, all employers are recognizing the value of having a positive candidate experience process according to the 2015 Healthcare Employment Trends Survey. Many employers are developing engaging career pages, including video content and a mobile friendly apply process.  After all, healthcare candidates are moving in the mobile apply direction.  Last year there was a 90% increase in mobile applies over the prior year with 28% of the healthcare candidate applies originating from a mobile device  Making the process engaging, simple and efficient enhances the candidate experience. 

Healthcare recruiting needs to look different, and many progressive organizations have already begun to make the shift. The candidate universe is the candidate universe. You cannot make it bigger than it is. The key for the healthcare employer is to stand out from the rest and to secure more than their fair share of hires from this limited candidate pool. They need to recognize and appreciate there is increased competition, and implement strategies which gets their message out. According to “The New Rules of Healthcare Recruiting”, there is a 23.1% rise in competition for healthcare talent. They need to have a user friendly apply process which is mobile ready, and a positive experience during the interview process. 

Success can be had. We have lived it. We have seen it done numerous times. There are tenants and recruiting basics which must be followed. Healthcare employers often say they have exhausted the local talent pool. By using a different approach, including direct recruiting strategies, other creative/unique recruiting techniques and an effective brand strategy, a very different outcome can be achieved. However, a candidate friendly process is an absolute requirement. Healthcare talent today have multiple career options. They can almost go to work anywhere.

Wanted Analytics President/CEO, Meredith Amdur in a recent Fordyce Letter said it best…”Employers may be able to reduce their time-to-fill and cost-per-hire by engaging a third party agency specializing in these areas that have the industry-specific resources to connect with qualified candidates”. Don’t lose sight of engaging a third party specialty firm in this process. They can be a difference maker.

Keep your options open. Don’t give up. Do talent acquisition differently. Good luck and happy hunting!