Acute care hospital network hires 147 nurses in 100 days

The Challenge:

Our client is an acute care hospital who had experienced a significant expansion in their number of beds.  Based in southern Florida, and not recognized as the primary provider in the market, they felt they had exhausted the local RN candidate pool. The staffing shortages were causing costly over time expense, limiting future growth and jeopardizing quality of care and overall brand reputation. The perception was this is the ‘new cost’ of doing business and nothing can be done to resolve the issue. The demand for talent exceeded the limited, finite supply. Many healthcare organizations are confronted with the same problem. There simply are not enough RN nurses to go around. 

The Solution:

The DreamJobs leadership team designed a complete and comprehensive recruitment solution. The focus was on the area market with a goal of capturing more than ‘our fair share’ of hires from this limited candidate pool.  Our solution started with employer brand message development in partnership with a national employment advertising agency.  Concurrently, our team identified the candidate population for the area market, complete with validated contact information, and launched a direct recruiting initiative.   The DreamJobs leadership team also partnered with the client to create a streamlined and effective selection process.  Hiring managers needed for recruitment to be a high priority.  Client leadership needed to hold decision makers accountable for results and process compliance. 

The Results:

The results were amazing. As a result of the solutions implemented by the DreamJobs leadership team, 147 RNs were hired within the 100 day period. Our direct recruiting initiative was so effective that CEOs from other area hospitals reached out to our client’s Chief Administrative Officer requesting we ‘back off’.  In spite of backing off from the passive recruiting strategies, the client exceeded their hiring goal and at a cost of less than $2,000 a hire.

As a result of our partnered approach and our healthcare recruitment expertise, the client was able to achieve their stated business objectives which also resulted in invitations to partner on future recruiting events. Their staffing issues dramatically decreased, over time spend was brought back under control, and our client was able to focus on delivering a ‘best in class’ patient experience.