Global manufacturing firm hires VP of R&D at fee 62% lower than predecessor

The Challenge:

Our client had hired a VP of Research and Development 18 months earlier through a relationship with one of the top global retained search firms.  The individual proved to be a poor cultural fit, resulting in a general lack of collaboration and progress within the R&D, Science and Engineering groups.  Ultimately, the client lost market share due to the lack of ability to innovate and launch new products.   The client had a referral whom they wanted to evaluate against the marketplace.  Doing so at traditional fees of 33% or more created some discomfort within the executive leadership team. 

The Solution:

DreamJobs launched an OnDemand Search for a new VP of Research and Development for this $8 billion global manufacturing firm at a fee structure which was less than 1/2 the cost of a traditional retained search.  The goal of the engagement was to identify and fully vet R&D leaders with a strong scientific background who had the ability to lead a large and diverse group of talent towards achieving defined business objectives.  Candidates would be leveraged as potential talent for the opening and serve as a benchmark for the referral in hand.  Doing so would help ensure the best possible individual was hired.

The Results:

DreamJobs was able to identify and submit seven (7) highly qualified candidates within 6 weeks, in addition to the referrals which had been identified by the client.  Seven (7) of the nine (9) candidates were selected for interview, with three (3) being identified as very high-potential.  Incidentally, each of the finalists were from the candidate pool identified by DreamJobs.  The client was able to successfully hire their new VP of Research and Development, saving over $72,000 in fees due to the performance of the DreamJobs team.  The client has since been able to create and launch a variety of new products and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration required to drive the business forward.

As a result of our recruitment expertise, pristine execution and partnering approach, DreamJobs provided a solution which allowed our client to recapture and grow their market share.  Results which could only be met by the effective identification of talent, and all of this in a timely and cost effective manner.