Global non-profit transforms supporter engagement with A+ marketing leader

The Challenge:

Our client relies heavily on supporters for their time as volunteers and for financial giving in order to serve communities during times of crisis and natural disasters. The support network growth and engagement is limited.  The method to attract and engage supporters are dated. The existing staff lacks experience with modern day marketing tools and tactics, thus limiting the ability to make the changes necessarily to swing the pendulum. The executive leadership recognized the need to add a thought leader with a corporate background in order to develop and implement cutting edge marketing methodologies to better attract and retain the targeted support base.

The Solution:

DreamJobs partnered with the COO and VP of Human Resources to launch an OnDemand Search solution.  We worked together to identify the type of individual required, target industries, and how to position and sell the opportunity to the marketplace. We recognized innate challenges with convincing an individual currently within a traditional corporate environment to consider a move to a non-profit organization. The goal was to identify, source and submit a minimum of four qualified and interested candidate within eight weeks. The team had to take into consideration the technical capabilities, ability to drive change, and cultural fit for each candidate.  In addition, DreamJobs had to be able to understand and position the pay structure of a non-profit organization in an effective manner in order to drive the process forward.

The Results:

KCM Case Study copy.png

DreamJobs was able to identify and submit five candidates from top organizations within the targeted timeframe. As a result, the client was able to conduct four phone interviews, translating into two on-site interviews and a successful job offer in excess of $300,000 within sixteen weeks. The net result was an A+ hire at a savings of $45,990 as compared with traditional retained search firms. More than this, the retained marketing executive has already begun to make a significant impact on the organization and their ability to attract and retain their base of support.

As a result of our recruitment thought leadership and partnering approach, DreamJobs was able to identify, screen, and find a high profile match between both the candidate and the client. The client organization has been incredibly satisfied with the time, quality of hire, cost of placement, and plans to engage DreamJobs on their next search and recommend them to others.