Healthcare provider uses recruitment partner to identify new leadership; Saves $27,000 in fees

The Challenge:

Our client has a history of being recognized for providing the highest quality of behavioral health care within their market.  The smallest of three well-established behavioral healthcare organizations in their marketplace, our client has been unsuccessful in growing the business, which has made them a target for acquisition.  The governing board is not interested in being acquired, so the ability to expand their footprint and reach is required in order for them to continue as an independent provider. When their two primary leaders, the President and the Chief Clinical Officer, concurrently announced their intent to retire, the board took this opportunity to identify a new leader capable of driving the growth of the organization while maintaining the quality of care they are known for.  The successful candidate is one who is fully aligned with the core values of the board, will drive and expand their market footprint, and is capable of tackling the ongoing and emerging challenges related to funding and reimbursements.

The Solution:

With our successful history of placing leadership roles in the healthcare industry, DreamJobs was selected as the search partner of choice by the VP of Human Resources and their eight-person governing board.  With the exiting President and Chief Clinical Officer involved in the process, DreamJobs launched our OnDemand Search solution.  The work began by identifying the type of individual required, what talent competitors to target, what role to target, and how to position and sell the opportunity in the marketplace. The biggest challenge was calibrating the search committee on the ideal profile and “must haves".  Once secured, the outreach and recruiting process was fully engaged and implemented.

The Results:

With our partnered approach and targeted search process, DreamJobs successfully identified, engaged and submitted four qualified C-level candidates within four weeks.  Our ability to identify a strong pool of candidates prior to the retirement of the existing leaders, and at a cost $27,000 less than other search firms in the marketplace exceeded our client’s expectations.