National Healthcare provider solves staffing challenge; increases level of care, financial performance

The Challenge:

Like many healthcare firms our client struggled to fill clinical positions.  Battling the stark realities of the industry ... a shortage of qualified candidates and the fact many did not view the client’s clinical setting as a preferred choice, solving the issue had inherent challenges.  With 300+ locations across the US and a HR generalist at each location, bandwidth and expertise to provide the level of recruitment focus required to address the needs did not exist.  A shift was made to centralize recruitment for key roles, but jobs were still going unfilled.  As a result, patient needs were not being completely satisfied, utilization of agencies and overtime costs increased, billable hours where not taken advantage of and revenue targets were not achieved.

The Solution:

Recognizing the challenge to meet demanding business requirements, the client sought out a recruitment thought leader to redesign their recruitment infrastructure – but do so in a way which fit their specific needs and organizational culture.  The DreamJobs leadership team was engaged to create a scalable, centralized recruitment model which could support the client’s staffing and business needs on a reliable and repeatable basis, and at scale.  A redefinition of sourcing strategies which did not rely solely upon active applicants was created and implemented. The strategy incorporated passive candidate outreach, an effective employee referral program, social media and the creation of talent communities.  A new recruiting platform was implemented which allowed for better activity tracking, reporting, and hiring manager access.  A new apply process was built with a focus on the candidate experience first and foremost.  Leveraging the proper balance of people and technology, applicants could engage in the process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Additional activities were centralized such as offer formulation and extension.

The Results:

As a result of the thought leadership of the DreamJobs team, the client achieved 2X the number of hires annually, at a lower cost per hire, and all while asking less of the field based HR team.  More importantly, patients began to receive the level of service they deserved, 3rd party firm and overtime costs decreased, and the bottom-line financials of the organization saw a tangible positive impact.

Simply put, the DreamJobs team implemented a scalable recruitment solution which allowed our client to meet their patient needs and coinciding business objectives.