From Crisis to Comfort: Nursing & Rehab provider addresses critical staffing challenge

The Challenge:

A shortage of qualified nurse talent had created a crisis for our client, a multi-site nursing and rehab provider based in rural Ohio. Current staff was required to work a significant amount of mandatory overtime on a regular basis to provide the necessary coverage. As a result, employee attrition had reached concerning levels while many of the remaining staff contemplated making a job change. Administration was focused on solving a staffing issue which had increased their operating costs and negatively impacted the employer brand and employment experience, ultimately putting quality of care at risk. 

The Solution:

Recognizing the immediate challenge, the client chose to engage DreamJobs to develop and execute a high-intensity candidate sourcing initiative for an initial period of 90 days. The implemented solution would function in partnership with the existing human resources team and include a significant focus on direct sourcing activities such as cold-calling and targeted electronic marketing campaigns. DreamJobs partnered with the client to define job requirements, an employer brand message and process accountabilities.  The program was fully operational in less than two weeks.

The Results:

The DreamJobs team was able to identify and message to the nursing talent within a reasonable commute distance of each location within a few weeks of go-live.  This activity produced an initial influx of qualified nursing talent, which combined with some modifications to the existing recruitment process, resulted in numerous on-site tours and multiple hires over the course of the program.  After 90 days, the Director of Nursing indicated that they were no longer in crisis mode and had achieved a higher quality of candidate hires through the partnership with DreamJobs than they had been able to produce on their own.  In addition, she indicated a much happier employee population and a significant reduction in planned over-time spend.  The Executive Administrator also noted a marketplace ‘buzz’ which was created during the initial program phase resulting in an increase in very good talent pursuing them as a potential employer for opportunities outside of the scope of the DreamJobs work.

Due to the success of the 90-day program, the client chose to continue to leverage the DreamJobs team on an ongoing basis so as to ensure a continuous pipeline of talent into the recruitment process. Doing so will help advert future staffing challenges.   

Simply put, the DreamJobs team implemented a scalable recruitment solution which allowed our client to move from crisis to comfort.