Regional Therapy Provider leverages partner to fill critical leadership role

The Challenge:

Our client had a recruitment infrastructure which generally did an adequate job of filling staff level clinical roles.  However, when faced with filling a key leadership role it became apparent the tools and expertise to execute the search internally were lacking.  Identifying a high caliber candidate was critical to the future success of the business.  A leader was required who possessed not only clinical business expertise but who also fit within the culture of the organization.  Identifying a recruiting partner who understood these values and would commit to providing a high level of service was critical. 

The Solution:

The client’s executive team chose to partner with DreamJobs to deliver an OnDemand Search to fulfill this critical need.  Our team worked to identify the competitive landscape, including where people with the desired skills were most likely to exist.  In a collaborative effort, a compelling job profile was created which properly positioned the opportunity with the targeted candidate population.  In addition, a fully configured interview and screening process was designed to ensure the proper assessment of the candidate’s skills, background, experience and cultural fit.  

The Results:

Not only did DreamJobs quickly identify the targeted talent, but we successfully engaged and submitted qualified candidates from these organizations within four weeks.  Candidates had not only successfully passed the initial screening process, but were also genuinely interested in the role and mission of the organization.  Within six weeks, two strong contenders for the role had completed the first round of interviews and moved forward into the final stages of the selection process.  The client truly felt they had identified two individuals who were a great fit for the role, both from a technical and cultural perspective.  In fact, the “silver medalist” continued to be targeted for future opportunities within the organization.  

The DreamJobs OnDemand Search solution allowed our client to fill a critical leadership vacancy in less than 90 days with a candidate they were not equipped to identify on their own.  Due to our partnered approach, recruiting expertise, and focused effort, the client not only secured a hire who has had a dramatic impact on the business, but identified another strong candidate to leverage for future opportunities.