Specialty manufacturing firm fills critical jobs quicker while dramatically reducing cost

The Challenge:

Our client is experiencing rapid growth and sought a recruitment solution which would allow them to meet their hiring plan in a timely and cost effective manner.  Historically, over 62% of their jobs were filled by 3rd party vendors at fees ranging from 20-33% of base compensation on roles paying above $90,000.  Additionally, many of their critical openings were open in excess of 120 days, some for nearly a full year.   The existing vendor relationships offered mixed results, particularly when faced with a limited supply of talent or difficult geographic locations.

The Solution:

DreamJobs offered a two phase solution to help the client achieve their goals.  Phase 1 was an immediate OnDemand solution designed to fill critical jobs which had been aging for many months.  Phase 2 was an implementation and roll-out of a full end-to-end Scalable RPO solution designed to meet their ongoing recruitment needs into the future.

The Results:

DreamJobs was able to identify and submit multiple candidates on each of the critical Phase 1 searches within a 3-6 week period.  Four (4) critical positions were filled within 90 days at nearly 50% of the cost of previous vendor arrangements.  As a result of this success, the client chose to partner with DreamJobs to implement a multi-year Scalable RPO solution.  Time to fill has been reduced to less than 90 days, including the most difficult to fill jobs and locations.  Additionally, the cost of recruitment has been reduced by just over $420,000 per year.

As a result of our recruitment thought leadership and partnering approach, DreamJobs has implemented a solution which allows our client to meet their business objectives.  Objectives which could only be met by the effective identification of talent in a timely and cost effective manner.