DreamJobs has been a trusted partner in solving the most complex of recruiting and staffing needs. Our Scalable Recruitment Process Outsourcing product offerings can augment or replace existing recruiting functions and profoundly impact business performance.  

Governed by agreed-upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), DreamJobs’ Scalable RPO solutions offer:

  • Ongoing or project-based arrangements
  • Ability to scale as needed
  • Pay-for-performance pricing options
  • Tailored solutions to fit unique culture, processes, systems, business objectives and economic factors of our clients

At DreamJobs, we help organizations attain a world-class recruitment function. Our partnerships range from single functional role recruitment to the entirety of exempt or non-exempt hiring needs for your organization, yet the results are the same.


Our Source2Hire product is a Scalable RPO solution designed to address exempt or skilled non-exempt hiring requirements which typically require a focused sourcing effort.  Highly engineered and configured to meet your specific requirements, expect to receive:

  • Strategic Selection of Talent – Where would you rather spend your time, finding the right talent or selecting the right talent? We remove the administrative barriers and apply best practices to your sourcing and recruiting process to allow you to focus on selecting the best talent from the best-qualified talent pool.
  • Significant Cost Savings – There are a number of ways DreamJobs delivers cost savings, from reducing time-to-fill rates and dependency on third party recruiting firms, to leveraging economies of scale. The truth is most organizations have opportunities to re-engineer their recruitment function to rein in fixed costs, become more scalable, and enhance the quality of their talent pool – all leading to the real cost saver, profitability.
  • Recruitment Excellence – The sourcing and recruiting of talent today has become more complex. To be successful, it requires mastering both the intangible and tangible aspects of the recruitment process – relationship and talent pipeline building and a scientific approach to identifying the right tools and methods to deliver measurable results.

Through a highly-collaborative partnership, we bring specialization to the often-decentralized and one-size-fits-all model of recruitment, which no longer works effectively in today’s technological world.


Volume based recruiting has it's own challenges.  Our Right2Hire product is engineered to offer the most reliable and repeatable sourcing and screening process available on the market today.  Right2Hire, typically leveraged for hourly non-exempt hiring, is a high-touch, high-tech process which properly leverages technology and human touch points to ensure a positive applicant experience, all while producing reliable results.  It is not uncommon for our clients to experience interview show rates which are 3-4x higher than previously experienced, while achieving interview to hire ratios of 2:1 or less.  The result, more high quality hires in less time.  Expect:

  • Energetic Sourcing of Talent – We will ensure your ads are conveying the proper messaging to engage the targeted applicant population, but do not just expect us to sit back and wait for people to apply.
  • Mobile First – Today's talent is mobile.  We work to ensure applicants are able to engage with us via mobile optimized apply experiences, including SMS (text messaging) and Twitter calls to action.
  • Best-in-Class Technologies – From video content delivery, to skills testing, to 24/7 call routing, to interview scheduling, and much more ... we work hard for you to ensure the best available technologies are leveraged to drive results. 
  • Significant Time Savings – There are a number of ways DreamJobs saves you time, from executing the sourcing process, to processing applicants, to driving up interview show rates, to increasing the quality of the talent being interviewed.  Do you want to spend your time and energy processing applicants, or interviewing the best available talent?