The DreamJobs Impact

A partnership which delivers value

We help our clients drive down the overall cost of recruitment by helping them hire best-fit talent, acting as their trusted adviser, and by offering world-class recruitment solutions which are reliable, predictable, flexible and at a great price.  The value DreamJobs brings to our clients includes the following:

  • Fill Critical Jobs - Difficult to fill jobs receive the attention required to achieve success
  • Scalable Solution - Flex resources up and down based upon real-time hiring demands
  • Reduce Cost-Per-Hire - The actual cost per hire is much more than you think it might be, we break it down and show you the savings 
  • Reduce Time-To-Fill - Significantly reduce the time it takes to fill positions thus reducing vacancy rates which impact your bottom line
  • Reduce Attrition - A properly engineered recruitment process produces better fit hires, thus reducing turnover rates
  • Reduce Lost Productivity - No endless piles of resumes or under-qualified candidates to interview means less time wasted, allowing managers to focus on performance
  • Access to Passive Talent - Don’t miss out on the best candidates; those not actively seeking new opportunities
  • Employer Branding - Develop and implement an effective employer brand message, thus attracting the right talent for your environment
  • Technology - The recruitment technology landscape is constantly changing, our expertise means you are leveraging the right tools, in the right way and at the right time
  • Seamless - We work as a seamless extension of your organization, either augmenting what currently exists or working with you to transform the recruiting function

Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve a best-in-class recruitment process for your organization.